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Mordern Project Management Tool for Game Developers | Codecks.io


2019 -

Codecks is a modern project management tool for game developers.. or everybody else that values beautiful innovative UX and getting the job done without becoming drowned in complexity.

Curious Expedition 2

2019 - 2022

The sequel to our debut title Curious Expedition. New art style, improved mechanics, more content.

Curious Expedition Rivals

2018 - 2019

The multiplayer browser spin-off of Curious Expedition. Everybody explores the same world. Who will be the first to find the golden pyramid?

Art Games

2017 - 2018

Together with Goethe Institute we co-organized and ran eight political game jams around the world.


2017 - 2018

A compilation of game collectives around the world.

The Curious Case

2016 -

Procedural crime stories in the Roaring Twenties of Berlin. Currently frozen.


2015 -

A co-working space and indie game collective with close to 50 members. Now in its third incarnation located close to Alexanderplatz.

The Curious Expedition

2014 - 2018

Our debut title as Maschinen-Mensch: a roguelike expedition simulation set in the Victorian age.


2014 -

I founded this small indie game development company with my friend Johannes Kristmann to develop unusual quirky games.

Dead Island 2

2012 - 2013

A zombie open world game by YAGER for Deep Silver. This game unfortunately got cancelled. I worked as senior programmer in the areas: AI, animation, gameplay, multiplayer.

Spec Ops: The Line

2009 - 2011

A military shooter developer by YAGER for 2K Games. I worked as programmer in the areas of animation, gameplay, controls, multiplayer and general software processes (scrum).



Started this distributed pair programming tool as part of my thesis with now over 250,000 downloads and over 12 related master/bachelor works.


2004 - 2008

I created this software for flashcard learning.

Game Jams

My Pants, WTF


A small VR sandbox about being a kind tentacle monster in love and angry about pollution.

Welcome to Meldtown


A small local multiplayer game about people repairing a nuclear power plant and one of them being a saboteur (requires controllers).

Planet Corp


A small game about space mining. Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29.

Speaking / Workshops

2020 Berlin Deutscher Computerspielpreis Awards Jury Member
Berlin Gamesweek Berlin Curious Project Management
Berlin Gamesweek Berlin Procedural Game Design
2019 Berlin Deutscher Computerspielpreis Awards Jury Member
Hamburg Play Festival Artist Talk (hosted by Christian Schiffer)
Beijing Goethe Institute Art Game Jam Organizer/Host
2018 Hamburg PLAY18 Gr8 Art Games
Berlin A MAZE Screening Art Games documentary by Willi Schumann
Berlin A MAZE Art Games - 8 Game Jams Worldwide Mini Talks
Bangkok Chulalongkorn University Surviving Indie Game Development
Bangkok Goethe Institute Art Games Thailand Organizer/Host
2017 Berlin BTK Everything Maschinen-Mensch
Berlin Blockchain & Creativity Indie Games Industry Challenges
Johannesburg Goethe Institute Art Games Panelist
Johannesburg A MAZE Awards Jury Member
Johannesburg A MAZE Generative storytelling: Systems & Tall Tales
Sao Paulo BIG-Festival Art Games Panelist
Sao Paulo Goethe Institute Art Games Brazil Organizer/Host
Berlin A MAZE Main stage Host
Boston Goethe Institute Art Games USA Organizer/Host
Berlin Lange Nacht der Ideen Digitale Spiele als Kulturbotschafter Patron
Seoul Goethe Institute Art Games South Korea Organizer/Host
2016 Berlin The Making Of #1 The Making Of The Curious Expedition
Sao Paulo Game Mixer Camp Generative Storytelling
Berlin Talk & Play #21 Generative Storytelling
Berlin A MAZE Rise of the Game Collectives Panel Host (Audio)
Berlin Quo Vadis Hands on Funding Panel
Hamburg HAW Procedural Storytelling Workshop
Hamburg HERE THERE Generative Storytelling (Slides, Photos)
Berlin Devolution #1 The Curious Devolution - A Development Expedition (Slides)
2015 Jakarta GDG You are more than your game (Slides)
Cologne Respawn Mechanics VS Narrative Panel
Cologne Respawn Experiences in Early Access Panel
Berlin A MAZE 1 Year Maschinen-Mensch (Video, Slides)
Berlin Quo Vadis Low-budget marketing for #indies Panel
Berlin Gamefest Berlin Spielung The Curious Expedition
Milan EXPO Milano The Curious Expedition
2014 Poznan ZTG/GIC A curious guide to zero-budget marketing (Slides)
Berlin Talk & Play #6 The Curious Expedition (Video)

Interviews (selected)

2020 Game Dev Podcast (de) Projektmanagement
2019 Games Capital Berlin (en) Being Part of a greater Community
Gamestar Podast - Hinter den Pixeln (de) Prozedurale Generierung - Die Zukunft der Spieleentwicklung - alle Macht dem KI-Algorithmus
2018 Goethe Institute (de) Deutsche Indie Games: Brettspiel Digital
2016 Roguelike Radio (en) Episode 115: The Curious Expedition
2015 Zeit Online (de) Spiele aus dem Saftladen
DRadio Wissen (de) Wahnsinns-Pixel statt Mainstream-Game
Der Tagesspiegel (de) Das Anhäufen von Ruhm bleibt das Hauptziel
Medienboard (en) Interview with Maschinen-Mensch
2014 Gamasutra (en) The charming heart of darkness: Former Spec Ops team's Curious Expedition
PC GAMER (en) Making a hardcore browser game people will pay for
Indie Fresse Podcast (de) Folge #40 - Maschinen-Mensch


2020 Procedural Storytelling in Game Design Chapter 11: Memorable Stories from Simple Rules in Curious Expedition